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Cool running shoes

  • Monday, 29 November 2021
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The last cooperation was in the distant 2018. Finally, the German functional brand Acronym and Nike will join forces again. The principal Errolson Hugh will launch a new project based on Blazer Low. So far, two new color schemes have been exposed. The most distinctive details of this joint name have highlights. One is the unique mechanical structure behind it. Can it be disassembled freely? The second is the destructible design of the double-layer upper, and the Acronym logo can be seen when it is cut open, which seems to be able to play freely. These cool shoes are sought after by many fans on the cool cheap shoes list this quarter and are most looking forward to buying them. Rumored that the new joint name is expected to be on sale at the end of the year, for more information, please continue to pay attention to the Cool sneakers website


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