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cool cheap shoes

Cool basketball shoes

Cool basketball shoes

  • Wednesday, 15 December 2021
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At the end of last year, a pair of cool shoes marshmallows all over the city 9 directly made the Wade branch line series popular throughout the city, and the color matching of marshmallows was also convincing because of it. It is rumored that because there are more and more color matching of similar styles in shoe circles, Wade series designer Da Zhou decided to terminate the marshmallow series and open up more novel color combinations.

Designer Da Zhou yesterday exposed the commercially available shoe box and complete and clear physical images of this shoe. The outline of this pair of cool cheap shoes has been exposed many times before, but many details such as the materials used are disclosed for the first time.

The material of the shoe body basically continues the previous generation, the main body of the upper is made of plaid fabric, and the reinforcement part of the forefoot is made of leather.

Details such as the tongue and towel embroidery are also the same as the previous generation. The toe cap and tongue hot melt strip has a reflective effect, which is more cool at night. The outsole uses a completely different texture from the previous generation, incorporating cross elements, and the front and rear palms are designed with different densities.

In terms of technology, the midsole is still three technologies, and from the previous part map, it is likely to cover the entire palm. Cancel the hollow design, and add a large upturn in the forefoot to strengthen the lateral support.

This time the shoe box is also exposed for the first time. The silver design style is similar to that of the whole city 9. The front of the shoe box has the word Ten, which shows the special identity of the ten generations.

It is reported that it will be officially launched at the end of December, and detailed sales information should be announced soon. Our cool sneakers will continue to pay attention and bring reports as soon as possible.

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