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cool sneakers 2021

Cool mens running shoes

Cool mens running shoes

  • Friday, 26 November 2021
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The first joint series of Billie Eilish and Jordan Brand is officially released. The new series including the Air Jordan 1 KO and Air Jordan 15 double pairs are expected to be released on September 30. For more information, follow the Cool sneakers blog, so stay tuned!

Among them, AJ1 KO is presented in her personal favorite fluorescent green. The green shoe body with high-quality leather is eye-catching. The middle section of the shoe body is decorated with stitching, and the tongue is embellished with its Bloshsh Logo. The AJ15 has changed its classic design, replacing the most iconic woven shoe body with leather. Of course, there are also information embellishments that show the identity of the joint name. In the insole, there are also Billie Eilish and the flying logo. The arena is worth looking forward to.

These cool shoes are sought after by many fans on the cool cheap shoes list this quarter and are most looking forward to buying them.

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