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cool sneakers 2021

Cool shoes for teens

Cool shoes for teens

  • Wednesday, 15 December 2021
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This year, with the creative film "The Wave" as the theme, a new wave shape Patta x Nike Air Max 1 was first released by SNKRS, making this pair of cool shoes applauded and popular! Due to the scarcity of sales channels, the current market price of some sizes is higher than the original price, and the small partners who missed the purchase, if you want to buy this pair of cool cheap shoes, there is now a mobile phone club at the original price.

  SKP-S recently brought a new trend art exhibition "Style In Revolt from Subversion" at the "THE DROP" limited-time store. The new color Patta x Nike Air Max 1 "Night Maroon" will be exclusively sold offline in China. In addition, the two popular gray-orange Monarch and gray-blue Aqua Noise colors are also on sale simultaneously, and there is also the Nike x Patta "The Wave" co-branded clothing that has not been sold on a large scale. It will also be the first time in SKP- S 4F T-10 is sold exclusively. Including hoodies, sports trousers and T-shirts and other items, so you can catch them all at once, watch the exhibition for free, and have the opportunity to start co-branding at the original price. For more information, please follow the cool sneakers blog!

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