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cool sneakers 2021

cool basketball shoes

cool basketball shoes

  • Monday, 27 December 2021
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According to the latest news, the extremely classic LeBron 2 will be the next re-enactment of James' boots! It has been 17 years since LeBron 2 was first released in 2004, and next year's re-enactment will be the 18th anniversary of its birth.

At that time, James was still Akron's proud son, and he was the co-branded little emperor. The boots on his feet naturally maintained a full sense of domineering.

This pair of cool shoes has a large area of ​​leather material with mesh design. At the same time, many styles in the first year have laser details, and the specifications are quite high.

At the same time, the configuration uses Zoom Air cushions on the front and rear palms and Pebax material edging.

Refer to the Zhanhuang boots that have been re-enacted in the past two years. The Protro version is not released this time, which means that the first year configuration is maintained.

For many old players, there are not many opportunities to play Zhanhuang’s boots, and more are to pay for the feelings. It is reported that this pair of cool cheap shoes re-engraved version of LeBron 2 will be on sale in September 2022. The specific date and sale price have not yet been revealed. The editor of cool sneakers will continue to pay attention and bring follow-up reports in the first time.

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