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cool sneakers 2021

cool converse high tops

cool converse high tops

  • Friday, 17 December 2021
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The legendary cool shoes Converse Weapon, born in 1986, has recently come back!

What you bring back in one breath is the classic white-red and white-blue classic OG color schemes, paying tribute to the past from the future.

Today, the editor of cool sneakers will bring you the first to get out of the box. Such a generous and heavy Converse can be reproduced. After seeing it, many netizens will directly say: It is really too big! Both color schemes are made of large areas of red and blue, and the upper and midsole are decorated with white and off-white, showing an oxidized and worn-out effect. As a classic retro cool cheap shoe, it was designed for Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The version after the return brings a new upgrade in the midsole, equipped with CX technology to enhance the wearing feeling. The upper is made of delicate leather material, and there are vents around the delicate car line. With Converse's iconic star and arrow Logo on the side, the tongue is embellished with the word ALL STAR. In terms of the upper foot effect, it has its own retro temperament, and the steady shape definitely changes the impression of Converse in the past. At the same time, the thick filling can also keep warm from the cold for players in the north.

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