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cool sneakers 2021

cool shoes Air Max running shoes

cool shoes Air Max running shoes

  • Tuesday, 28 December 2021
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In recent years, Nike has continuously upgraded its signature air cushion technology, subverting our imagination time and time again.

From Air VaporMax to Air Max 270 and Air Max 720, Air Max cushions are constantly evolving toward larger capacity, cooler feet, and more shocking shapes.

Every year, these brand new Air Max running shoes are the hottest cool shoes that are popular on the streets.

Today, the next pair of Air Max shoes in a new form was exposed for the first time.

This new shoe is called Air Max Scorpion. The upper adopts a simple weave design similar to the Air VaporMax series.

The shape of the air cushion is unprecedented, and the overhead design is added between the air cushion and the main body, which makes people shine. The air cushion below is even more exaggerated, with a large-capacity multi-chamber design, which looks larger and thicker than the previous Air VaporMax and Air Max 720.

Although only one physical image was exposed, I believe many players are beginning to look forward to the foot feel of this pair of cool cheap shoes.

It is reported that it will be on sale in September next year, and I am afraid it will take a long time to try. For details, our cool sneakers will continue to pay attention and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

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