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cool sneakers 2021

cool shoes for teens

cool shoes for teens

  • Tuesday, 21 December 2021
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Since 2011, Jordan Brand has launched a special CNY series of cool shoes for the Chinese New Year every year.

It not only includes the sale of heavyweight sneakers, but also a series of theme costumes will be unveiled at the same time, which can be said to be the exclusive benefit of domestic players!

As the first twelve-year reincarnation of Jordan Brand CNY, Jordan Brand CNY is officially released. Jordan Brand takes "the new state of craftsmanship" as its design concept, draws inspiration from traditional cultural elements, and innovates in color and production technology.

The cool cheap shoes include Air Jordan 6 Low, Air Jordan Legacy 312 and Air Jordan 1 Low. Each pair of shoes incorporates Chinese elements in the overall and detailed design. At the same time, unlike previous years of changing colors and adding prints, this year pays more attention to the design inspiration and the reflection of the creative background behind it.

The latest CNY clothing collection is also unique. The designer draws inspiration from the blue printed cloth, a traditional Chinese craft with a history of more than 1,300 years, to create clothing such as sweaters and T-shirts.

The design of the pattern also depends on the traditional Chinese patterns. Through printing and embroidery, the unique details such as the Jordan lettering and auspicious clouds pattern of the seal style are presented on the clothing. It not only symbolizes the celebration and auspiciousness, but also shows China like Ge Kiln porcelain. The wisdom of the craftsman, and convey the beauty of the ancient oriental charm. For more information, please follow cool sneakers!

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