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cool sneakers 2021

cool white sneakers

cool white sneakers

  • Tuesday, 14 December 2021
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Among the many celebrities that Nike has collaborated with, Drake is definitely in the top ranks and has a very high popularity and popularity all over the world.

The joint NOCTA x Nike co-branded by the two parties have already sold several series, but unfortunately the joint shoes NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terra has not been on sale for a long time. Earlier this year, when Drake participated in the "What We Do All Day" theme event organized by London designer Martine Rose, he got a pair of pure white colors on his feet. In the official MV of Drake's latest single "Laugh Now Cry Later" released in August last year, he had already put on the same sneakers. Earlier, it was rumored that these shoes will be on sale in October this year. After the ticket bounced, there was no new news. Until last weekend, Drake posted two rows of new shoes with pure white color in Instagram story, and the sale is suspected to be approaching. The design of this pair of cool cheap shoes adopts a simple and versatile white main tone. The lychee leather upper reflects the texture in the retro, and the details of the treatment make the overall simple but not simple. The tongue, heel and upper punching are all added with 3M reflective material. The Swoosh string mark on the inner side of the midsole is quite unique. The iconic Sanjian Logo on the tongue shows the joint identity. The liquid silver-effect accessories on the side, plus the bright yellow on the air cushion and outsole, enhance the recognition of this pair of cool shoes.For more information, please follow the cool sneakers blog!

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