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cool sneakers for men

Cool sneakers for men

Cool sneakers for men

  • Wednesday, 15 December 2021
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This pair of cool shoes is the first signature shoe after the return, and is the first personal boot designed for the popular NBA's best rookie Ramello Bauer. What is the appearance and performance of this pair of MB.01? The editor of cool sneakers will bring you the first out of the box + on-the-foot experience today.

MB.01, whether it is bold color matching or unique design details, incorporates Ramello Bauer's strong personal style, giving the whole pair of shoes both practical performance and trendy attributes.

The whole body of the shoe is dressed in eye-catching red, which injects super vigor into the whole pair of shoes.

The upper adopts a subversive 3D printing structure to effectively ensure strength. On the other hand, it provides super support and ultra-lightweight foot feel, which firmly fits the upper to the foot. Details such as the phoenix pattern on the tongue and the angel halo are further integrated into the personal style of Ramello Bauer. "1 of 1" does not actually mean a limited pair, but shows the unique creativity of Ramello Ball on the court. The words "Not From Here" at the bottom of the tongue can be understood as Lamelo Bauer is extremely creative on the court, and he often has magical touches when he plays basketball. Every shot is beautiful and sci-fi, as if he came from outer space. Players.

"Not From Here" is also the theme of this collaboration between Ramello Ball and PUMA. As Ramello Ball’s first personally signed basketball shoe, I believe MB.01 is both for PUMA and Ramello Ball. Has extraordinary meaning. The heel TPU enhances the support of the whole pair of shoes and improves the anti-rollover ability. The M.E.L.O lettering and PUMA pattern on the heel demonstrate the unique identity of the first signature shoe. The midsole adopts PUMA Nitro Foam to ensure strong cushioning feedback while also taking into account the response.

The translucent red outsole is printed with the word "RARE", representing Ramello Ball's outstanding talent that cannot be copied on the court. I believe this pair will become the most popular cool cheap shoes in 2022!

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