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cool nike shoes mens

  • Monday, 20 December 2021
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Today, the editor of cool sneakers brought you the first time to show it out of the box. Although the patent leather has been complained by many people, after seeing the real thing, the editor feels really fragrant, and personally feels much better than imagined. When it comes to the black and red Air Jordan 1, one word I have to mention is "forbidden", which is also the well-known nickname of this pair of shoes.

The last time it came back was 2016, and today's ultra-high market prices have discouraged many people.

This pair of cool shoes is back in patent leather version after five years. Although it is not a re-enactment of the original flavor, it still retains a part of the soul and essence of the first year. Coupled with the fact that there are not many new good-looking Air Jordan 1 products this year, it is a big surprise for players who like Air Jordan 1.

The entire upper is made of patent leather, and the classic black and red color scheme restores the OG charm. Patent leather material has advantages and disadvantages. The editor deliberately took out the 2016 black and red Air Jordan 1 for comparison. The advantage is that the patent leather looks more vivid and eye-catching than traditional leather, and the patent leather also presents a unique luster.

The disadvantage is that patent leather is indeed inferior to litchi leather in terms of texture performance and feel. Perhaps the greatest charm of the Air Jordan 1 first year color scheme is to show the pure beauty of color. Even without too many design details, it can still be popular for decades. The black shoe body frame, red toe cap, Swoosh, and the black flying wing logo on the upper are the finishing touches. The color of each part is just right. The combination of black and red is perfect. Although there have been several pairs of black and red Air Jordan 1s in the past two years, only "Bred" interprets the charm of black and red to the extreme. This year's patent leather version of cool cheap shoes adds many new elements to the details, such as the embroidered "Family" on the inner lining of the shoes. At the same time, it also comes with a red metal Jumpman tag, which enhances the luxury of the whole pair of shoes in details. The shoe box is specially treated, and the classic black and red shoe box is coated with a coating, showing a lacquer leather feel similar to sneakers. The reason why the black and red Air Jordan 1 is so popular is that it looks so good on the feet. With a pair of black leggings, the whole pair of shoes is displayed completely, this is the most authentic outfit of Air Jordan 1.

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