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cool sneakers for men

cool sneakers for men

cool sneakers for men

  • Thursday, 30 December 2021
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The Air Jordan 1 XQ was originally sold exclusively in China in 2007. The volume is very small, with only 240 pairs of cool shoes.

It was then sold again in Shanghai in 2013, and the volume was only less than 1,000 pairs, which shows the rarity of these cool cheap shoes.

Recently, foreign media broke the news that this rare Air Jordan 1 Mid XQ will return in 2022, and the physical map will be released immediately. "XQ (Xi Qing)" means jubilation. The shoe body is dressed in red, black, and gold colors, which is full of flavor for the new year.

The 2013 release is made of all-leather material and the sole is translucent rubber. This re-engraving is closer to the 2013 version. Different from the nine-hole design re-engraved in 2013, the eight-hole design also pays tribute to the original version in 2007.

The side Swoosh, shoelaces, flying wing logo and inner lining are all made of gold with extremely high specifications. The upper is presented with laser patterns in many places, and the red leather is embossed with five-pointed stars, and the details are quite rich.

It is reported that the new Air Jordan 1 Mid XQ will be on sale in 2022. There is no sale price for the time being. Perhaps it will be sold in limited quantities under the exclusive status of China. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention. Our cool sneakers will continue to pay attention and report. .

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