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Cool Sneakers cool air force 1 Triple White

Cool Sneakers cool air force 1 Triple White

  • Wednesday, 24 November 2021
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For more than 125 years, crystal has inspired fascinating designs time and time again. This year, the key version of the "Triple White" Air Force 1 was once again deduced, as a co-branded masterpiece, an excellent product, bringing the classic elements to an innovative brilliance. The Cool Sneakers this time is covered with more than 228 crystals with no facet reflection, and each inlaid element is added together to make this Air Force 1 shine as bright as cool shoes.

The brilliant light also has the effect of making it easier for others to perceive. This cool cheap shoes Air Force 1 draws design inspiration from road reflectors. The crystal on the shoes reflects light moderately, which can fold back light and provide visibility on dark roads. The crystal itself is embedded in a four-piece combined protective cover, laced up and fitted tightly, shining on the street, showing endless elegance.

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